Årets 20 bästa trailers

20 best trailers Of 2011

As the MTV Movies team begins our look back at the cinematic year that was 2011, we're reminded that time is precious. We don't have much of it; we must use it wisely. That's why we're beginning our series of best-of stories with movie trailers - those neat little packages of footage that let us know in a few minutes' time whether the full movie is going to be worth it. Picking our 20 favorite trailers was a tough call; just look at the ones that didn't make it, like "The Avengers", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "Breaking Dawn - Part 1".

In the end, though, we selected the trailers that truly stuck with us - some since the early days of the year and some newer ones that are sure to haunt us into next year. Read on for our picks for the 20 best movie trailers of 2011.

3. "Snow White and the Huntsman"
Our expectations were not high. So let us apologize to Kristen Stewart and all who are involved with this adaptation: Well done, folks! Sweeping in scale and containing some truly creative visual effects (huge crows splintering into hundreds of smaller crows, an anthropomorphic golden mirror), the trailer already would have been a 2011 highlight on its own merits. But when the silly trailer for "Mirror, Mirror", a competing Snow White flick, dropped days later, we had to revise our expectations for "Huntsman": This is how you adapt a centuries-old fairy tale for the 21st-century multiplex.

Se hela listan här.


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Nick Frost pratar om att spela in "SWATH" med Kristen

Nick Frost is having a ball filming his scenes as one of the dwarfs in the big-budget fantasy adventure film Snow White and the Huntsman - a dark new take on the classic tale that Frost says is closer to Saving Private Ryan than the Disney version.

"It's probably one of the best things I've ever done," he says. "All the dwarfs, and Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth literally sit around laughing all day. It's one of those jobs where you think, 'Why are they paying me?'"

Läs hela intervjun här.


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Nya stills från första delen av "Breaking Dawn"

Vissa bilderna kan vi ha lagt upp som scans tidigare, men lägger upp dem i bättre kvalitet nu.


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Visste du det här om Bellas bröllopsklänning...

...på båda ärmarna finns 17 knappar, som är gjorda av satin och Fransk Chantilly spets?
...bak på klänningen finns 152 knappar på baksidan av klänningen?


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Viggo Mortensen pratar om att jobba med Kristen i "On the Road"

Viggo Mortensen som medverkar i filmen On the Road tillsammans med Kristen pratar med Buzzsugar om hur det var att jobba med henne.

One of your next films coming out is On the Road. How was it filming that movie with Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, and Tom Sturridge?
- Of the three actors you mention, I only worked with Kristen Stewart, who did a great job with her character from what I could see. Walter Salles, the director, has a light touch and is very kind, extremely intelligent, and very helpful with the actors. Great crew on that shoot. The images I have seen are strikingly beautiful; they really capture post-WW2 USA landscapes, people.

Läs hela intervjun här.


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Dagens Kristen-bild 281111

På premiären av Breaking Dawn - Part 1 i London den 16 november.


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Charlize Theron pratar om en kommande fightscen med Kristen i "SWATH"

Charlize Theron teases Kristen Stewart "showdown"

Ever since the trailer arrived for Kristen Stewart's next likely blockbuster, "Snow White and the Huntsman" - a.k.a. her first big post-"Twilight" movie - we've been chomping at the bit for more info about the film.

Luckily, MTV News had a fun-filled chat recently with Stewart's "Huntsman" co-star Charlize Theron, during which the South African-born beauty revealed that she and Stewart are about to shoot the film's climactic battle sequence.

"I'm still shooting ['Huntsman'], I'm going back in two days," Theron told us as she promoted the comedy "Young Adult." "I haven't really worked with [Kristen]. I've done some small things with her, but we're about to shoot our big showdown, and fingers crossed for me. It's the big battle. I'm just really, really, really hoping I get to kill her," she said with a smile. "That is how the story ends up, right?"

While the Rupert Sanders-directed flick is a new adaptation of the classic fairy tale, somehow we don't think Theron will get her wish. Maybe her Evil Queen will wound Stewart's Snow White in some way, but death doesn't seem too likely.

For her part, Stewart has had nothing but praise to heap on the film - so much so that she's open to the idea of doing more than one movie as the fairest one of all.

"Oh, man, to be totally candid and honest with you, when I first signed on to this thing, the idea of doing another franchise was like, 'Wow, [we'll] cross that bridge when it comes.' It was something so far outside my realm of thinking," Stewart told us recently. "I was so focused on the first one, and I thought, 'Maybe, maybe,' but I've got stars in my eyes. I'm literally over the moon about what I'm doing right now," she said of her work on "Huntsman." "Yes, I would love to [do more 'Snow White' films]."


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Carolina Herrera Talks Kristen & Bella’s Wedding Gown With Brides Magazine

"It is always a unique process to design a wedding because every bride is different."

For months we were help in suspense waiting to find out what the Twilight wedding dress would look like – and we’ve finally seen the dress, and can now even buy the Alfred Angelo replica. But what was it like to land the coveted role of designing The Dress? And what was it like working with Kristen Stewart?

“In the initial fitting when Kristen put the dress on and looked in the mirror, she was very moved,” Carolina Herrera told Vogue in an interview. “In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film, she was a bride, and a happy one at that. It is always very important to make the bride happy, of course, and in this case I was delighted to do so. It was a very special moment for both Kristen and the character of Bella to share.”

“I was of course inspired by Stephenie’s description of the gown in the book, but I added the touch of Herrera and also took into consideration the personality and the style of the bride,” said Herrera. “A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride. Bella’s dress is romantic and filled with a timeless sophistication, very similar to the character. In a way, this dress served as a symbol of the character’s coming of age and introduction into womanhood.”

“It is always a unique process to design a wedding because every bride is different; the dress always has to be special because it is the most important day in the life of a woman. I tried doing that with this dress, but this one of course is totally different because at the end it’s a film – a cultural phenomenon. Millions of people are going to watch and it had to be precise.”

Herrera is known for her feminine classic wedding gowns and designed Renee Zellweger and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks’ gowns.

The Twilight gown – a handmade demure, floor-length style with a Bardot neckline and short train – is available to buy from Herrera boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Bal Harbour and Dallas from January 2012.


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Kristen S Veckopost [v. 47]

I det här inlägget kan du skriva i princip vad du vill. Tipsa oss om saker att lägga upp, så som fanvideos, citat, en bild som vi borde använda till Dagens Kristen-bild någon dag, eller något helt annat.

Du kan också ta tillfället att ta kontakt med andra fans här. Och känn dig även fri att göra reklam för din blogg/hemsida/twitter! (Endast ett inlägg med reklam/person.)

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Ny "Breaking Dawn"-still + gamla i UHQ

Spoilervarning om du inte sett Breaking Dawn!

Och flera bilder i bättre kvalitét än förut...

Bildkällor: ett, två, tre

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Dagens Kristen-bild 271111

NY Times photoshoot till New Moon 2009.


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Besök på inspelningen av "Breaking Dawn" i mars

Fanet Tamara vann tyska Bravo's tävling och fick besöka inspelningen av Breaking Dawn den 4 mars i år. Hon var också och tittade på själva inspelningsplatserna samma månad.

Se fler bilder här eller i videon nedan.


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"Snow White" wrapparty den 11 december

Twitteranvändaren @pinkietube twittrade två bilder av en inbjudan till wrappartyt för Snow White and the Huntsman, som kommer att äga rum den 11 december. Inspelningen är alltså över om bara två veckor!

Bildkälla 1
Bildkälla 2

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Dagens Kristen-bild 261111

Kristen och Nikki Reed efter Video Music Awards den 7 september 2008.


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DVD-omslag och info om "Breaking Dawn - Part 1"

MovieWeb har lite information om Breaking Dawn - Part 1 DVD:n. Observera att det här än så länge endast gäller för USA. Men vi i Sverige brukar kunna köpa samma utgåvor och ha samma releasedatum, så det kan ändå gälla oss svenskar.

Ett releasedatum för DVD:n (och BluRay:en) har inte avslöjats än. Men i Tyskland släpps de den 30 april, och med Eclipse kom den amerikanska utgåvan ut ungefär två veckor innan den tyska versionen. Så någon gång runt april bör man kunna köpa sitt eget exemplar av filmen!

Alltså, för att klargöra: inget exakt releasedatum för DVD:n har avslöjats. Men det går att bevaka filmen på både Cdon och Discshop så att du blir meddelad så fort den går att beställa.

Några av specialutgåvornas extramaterial har också avslöjats, och nu kan läsa dessa nedan. Mer material kan tillkomma.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Blu-ray and DVD details

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 just hit theaters on November 18, and looks to repeat atop the box office once again this weekend. Summit Entertainment has released the cover art and special features details for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1's Blu-ray and DVD release, although the studio has not revealed a release date yet. Take a look at the cover art and special features details below, and we'll be sure to keep you posted on a street date for these titles as soon as it's made available.

In the highly anticipated fourth installment of The Twilight Saga, a marriage, honeymoon and the birth of a child bring unforeseen and shocking developments for Bella & Edward and those they love, including new complications with werewolf Jacob Black.

Special Features:
• 6-part Documentary (viewable in both standard and PIP modes)
• Bella & Edward's Personal Wedding Video
• Becoming Jacob
• Jump to... (character specific favorite scenes)
• Audio Commentary with Bill Condon


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Dagens Kristen-bild 251111

Från Comic Con 2008.


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Dagens Kristen-bild 241111

Från Glamour UK 2011.


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Rob & Kristen i London - 23 nov

Rob och Kristen var på Marcus Fosters spelning på Dingwalls Bar i Camden, London igår kväll. Därefter åkte de till en bar innan de begav sig hemåt igen.

Se fler bilder här.

Rob and Kristen after attending friend Marcus Foster's gig at Dingwalls Bar in Camden. They head to the Highlight Bar next door where they stayed and had few drinks with friends until 1.00 AM (Nov 24th) before returning to home.


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Dagens Kristen-bild 231111

Från Breaking Dawn - Part 1.


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Nya "BD"-stills i tidningen People

Stor spoilervarning om du inte sett Breaking Dawn ännu!


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Bilder från inspelningen av "SWATH" - 21 nov

Uppdaterat med fler bilder och bilder i bättre kvalitét.



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Kristen och "Breaking Dawn"-castet på LA premiären med "Ellen"-vinnarna

Här är en video på när tjejer som vann tävlingen hos Ellen. De skulle få vara med på Breaking Dawn-premiären och intevjua alla från castet på röda mattan.

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Fem intervjuer från "Breaking Dawn"-promon

Hot Topics - Del 1 (1:18)

Hot Topics - Del 2 (1:00)

Kerri-Anne (0:28) + Mark at the Movies (7:25) + Fox 2/Reel World + TVZN

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Fler bilder från London under kvällen/natten - 21 & 22 nov

Kristen och hennes livvakt - 21 november

Kristen och Rob - 21/22 nov

Bildkälla 1
Bildkälla 2

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Fem jobb vi skulle vilja se Kristen prova på förutom skådespeleriet

TheFabLife har listat fem jobb de skulle vilja se Kristen utföra, förutom skådespeleriet, det vill säga. De har även photoshoppat ihop några riktigt roliga bilder!

Five jobs we'd love to see Kristen Stewart try besides acting

At last week's Breaking Dawn: Part 1 press conference, Kristen Stewart shared that she's ready to take some time off after shooting Snow White and the Huntsman to figure out what she wants to do next. "It's the first time in a long time that I haven't known what I was going to be doing," she told reporters. "And I don't want to know. I don't want to rush it, because I want to have time off and figure out what I'm interested in; what my interests are. I do want a little bit of time to really figure out what I really, really want to do."

We're guessing that her focus will remain on her flourishing acting career, because it's red-hot and she's über-talented. Kind of a no-brainer. But if the star does decide to take a little break in between her big-screen gigs, we have a few suggestions of other occupations we'd love to see her try. Scroll through our (very photoshopped) gallery below to check out six of our Kristen Stewart dream jobs. Look out, Paula Deen! Chef Stew is on your buttery heels.

1. Professional Chef
Kristen's love of cooking has long been documented in interviews for years, and her tortilla soup recipe was published in the pages of Vogue. She's also the only person in the world who knows what to do with a loquat. Perhaps it's time for her to follow in hero Paula Deen's buttery footsteps and teach us all how to do our thing in the kitchen?

2. Veterinarian
The actress, who's previously joked that she's a "crazy cat lady," is "mom" to a cat, Jella, and a dog, Bear, whom she co-parents with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. She also famously told David Letterman that she's got wolf-dogs at home. Seems like she'd be a natural Dr. Doolittle, right?

3. Sneaker Designer
Kristen Stewart loves sneakers. Kristen Stewart has great taste in sneakers. We want to own ALL of Kristen Stewart's sneakers. This is what we call a no brainer.

4. Musician
Rob's musical pursuits are well documented, but Kristen's also a talented musician in her own right. The actress sang and played guitar in Into the Wild, and is often spotted traveling with a guitar in tow (possibly the one Rob gave her for her 18th b-day). A fan of singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis, we think Kristen has what it takes to join her musical idol onstage someday. Or how about a duet with Rob? Pretty please?

5. Writer
Kristen has always been a fan of putting words down on paper, and she recently told Parade, "I still love to write." While we're sure she'd rather keep her musings private, maybe she could publish something under a pen name. Mrs. Spunk Ransom, maybe?


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Dagens Kristen-bild 211111

Från New Moon 2009.


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Bilder på Kristen från London imorse - 21 nov

Kristen Stewart kicks off the week in the UK

Kicking off another work week, Kristen Stewart was spotted leaving Robert Pattinson's apartment in London, England today (November 21). The New Moon actress donned a pair of sunglasses and was surrounded by security as she made her way to her chauffeured car.


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3 nya "Breaking Dawn" bilder + 3 HQ bilder

3 Breaking Dawn bilder som har blivit i HQ.

Bildkälla 1
Bildkälla 2

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Box office i USA och internationellt för "Breaking Dawn - Part 1"

Intäkterna från öppningshelgen för Breaking Dawn - Part 1 är nu inne, och The Hollywood Reporter rapporterar om siffrorna.

Trots att filmen i USA inte fick in lika mycket pengar som New Moon gjorde under de första dagarna så har filmen hamnat på plats fem över filmer som tjänat mest under öppningshelgen. I USA tjänade filmen 139,5 miljoner dollar (ca 950 miljoner svenska kronor).

Men över hela världen så fick Breaking Dawn in mer än New Moon och hamnade även på plats tio över störst box office någonsin med 283,5 miljoner (ca 1925 miljoner svenska kronor).

Box office report: "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" Opens to massive $283.5 million worldwide
The Summit Entertainment pic nabs the fifth largest opening of all time domestically, but falls just short of New Moon.

Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 opened with a sharp bite around the globe, grossing $139.5 million domestically and $144 million overseas for a franchise best $283.5 million.

In North America, Breaking Dawn wasn't able to quite match the $142.8 million opening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on the same weekend two years ago. However, Breaking Dawn made up for the gap at the international box office, where it opened day and date in 54 territories. New Moon opened day and date in only 25 territories, earning roughly $133 million.

Breaking Dawn set two key records: It's the fifth largest opening ever at the domestic box office, and the 10th largest worldwide, supplanting New Moon, which took in $274.9 million. Thanks to Breaking Dawn, domestic revenues were up 14 percent over a year ago in a much-needed boost for the film business.

"We faced the weekend with some trepidation because you don't really know on a fourth installment whether you are going to maintain the interest of your audience. The numbers seem to speak for themselves. We got as close to New Moon as we could," Summit president of distribution Richie Fay said. Females continued to drive the vampire franchise, making up 80 percent of North American ticket buyers. Breaking Dawn's audience, however, skewed slightly older than the previous films, with 50 percent of the audience over the age of 25. Last year, 54 percent of the opening weekend audience for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was under the age of 25.

Eclipse, opening on June 30, a Wednesday, earned $157 million in its first five days at the domestic box office.

Breaking Dawn, teaming director Bill Condon with franchise stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, received a B+ CinemaScore, compared to an A- for Eclipse.

Breaking Dawn [...] drew noticeably worse reviews than previous installments in their respective franchises.


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Cementplattan placerad på Hollywood Boulevard

Kristen, Taylor och Robs fot- och handavtryck har nu placerats ut vid Grauman's Chinese Theatre på Hollywood Boulevard, precis bredvid Harry Potter-stjärnornas cementplatta.


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Dagens Kristen-bild 191111

På efterfesten för Mulberrys vår/sommar-visning i London den 18 september i år.


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Video direkt efter inspelningen av Ellen DeGeneres Show

Har du ännu inte sett castets medverkan i programmet finns det här.

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Fler blandade intervjuer om "Breaking Dawn"

Promon som inte slutar ge mer och mer material, minst sagt!


Breaking Dawn-promo
Time Warner Cable + Telecine + Alex Medela + Los 40 Principales (2:16) + Del 2 (0:35) + Red

Los Angeles-premiär
Jojo on the Radio + GamerLiveTV + BOP TV (0:53) + Artistan News Service (0:53)

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LQ video med BTS-material från "Snow White and the Huntsman" + bilder

Inlägget kommer uppdatras med en video i bättre kvalitét när det kommer (dvs om det inte dröjer allt för länge, annars gör vi ett nytt inlägg).


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Bilder från London - 18 nov

Kristen Stewart leaves Robert Pattinson's London home

Kristen Stewart seen leaving Robert Pattison’s London Home, The Twilight star has been seen leaving her boyfriends home a few times recentley, while filming in London.


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Kristen gästar Conan O'Brien

Uppdaterat: Nu hela avsnittet!

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Scans från Entertainment Weekly

För att läsa hela intervjun i text (inte på en scannad bild) istället, klicka här.


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Videointervjuer från "Breaking Dawn"-premiären i London


Huffington Post UK (1:15) + AP (0:45) + Lovefilm (1:30) + från livestreamen (1:28)
+ en intervju från premiären i Los Angeles också: Univision.

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Robert pratar om sexscenen i "Breaking Dawn"

"Was just trying to cover Kristen"


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Carolina Herrera: "I think [Kristen's] fabulous"

Carolina Herrera som designade Bellas bröllopsklänning pratar med Popsugar om hur hon tog sig an uppgiften, vad hon tycker om Kristen och om hon sett filmen än.

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James Newton Howard skapar scoresoundtracket till "SWATH"

James Newton Howard kommer att skapa scoresoundtracket för Snow White and the Huntsman. Tidigare har han gjort scoret i filmer som bland annat Atlantis, Skattkammarplaneten och Sjätte sinnet.

James Newton Howard to score "Snow White and the Huntsman"

Following the news that James Newton Howard is scoring the upcoming thriller The Bourne Legacy from earlier this week, Universal Pictures has confirmed to Film Music Reporter that the composer has yet another high profile project coming up next summer. He will be scoring the epic fantasy adventure Snow White and the Huntsman. The film is directed by Rupert Sanders and stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Lily Cole, Sam Claflin and Sam Spruell.

In this new version of Snow White, the huntsman sent to kill the girl becomes her mentor and protector instead. Ian McShane, Nick Frost, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan are among the actors that will be portraying the dwarfs. Evan Daugherty and Hossein Amidi (Drive) have written the screenplay. Among the film's producers are Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) and Sam Mercer (Signs) who both have collaborated with Newton Howard several times before. The composer has worked with Roth on two of his directorial efforts, America's Sweethearts and Freedomland and with Mercer on his collaborations with director M. Night Shyamalan, which were all produced by Mercer.

Snow White and the Huntsman is scheduled for a release on June 1, 2012 by Universal Pictures. Check out the teaser trailer below and visit the official movie website for updates on the film.


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USA Today's intervjuer med "Twilight"-castet

"An experience to treasure": The fourth installment of the blockbuster film franchise, in theaters Friday, chronicles the lavish forest wedding, island honeymoon and impending parenthood of mortal teenager Bella Swan (Stewart) and her brooding vampire crush, Edward Cullen, played by Stewart's real-life squeeze, Pattinson. While shooting the nuptials, Pattinson said he was made painfully aware "just how irrelevant the groom is in a wedding. You just kind of stand there." But for Stewart, the shoot could not have been more touching. "It was just what I was hoping for," said a J-Mendel clad Stewart. "I wanted to remember it as an experience to treasure without any neurotic actory weirdness.


In labor: During the packed premiere screening, the fans' thunderous applause for the "I do" exchange was eclipsed only by the deafening cheers for the long-awaited consummation scene. Director Bill Condon recalled Kristen being "as nervous as Bella would be, but Rob had her back the whole time. They're so protective of each other." One warning: the climactic (and truly gruesome!) birthing scene is not for the faint of heart. "It's difficult to get more surreal than chewing through a placenta," cautioned Pattinson, while Stewart is still uneasy about "looking down and seeing my head sticking out of a fake pregnant body."

Part 2 (Spoiler alert!): Be sure to stay in your seats after the closing credits begin to roll for a glimpse of the treachery ahead when Twilight's concluding chapter hits theaters in November 2012. Mackenzie Foy, 11, appears for only a glimpse at the end of Part 1 as Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, but says, "I do a lot more in the next one." Such as? Taking a ride on the back of Jacob (Lautner) in werewolf form. Reaser's favorite scene finds her and movie husband Facinelli heading to Egypt "to recruit vampires in this Egyptian palace." Lutz, meanwhile, can't wait for fans to see his arm-wrestling scene with Bella, a newly christened vampire. "It's kind of ridiculous that she beats me," said Lutz, "but she does!" And according to Lautner, Bella also gets rough with his Jacob. "There's a scene in Part 2 where Bella finds out I imprinted (summoning a protective spell) on her daughter, and she throws me around the backyard. It was so funny for me to see Kristen doing that."

Läs hela artikeln här.


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Nytt Entertainment Weekly-omslag + bilder

Twihards have long been anticipating seeing Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) honeymoon on Isle Esme and consummate their marriage amid flying feathers. And as audiences will see when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 arrives in theaters this Friday, the love scene does not disappoint. But, according to the stars of the movie, things could have been even more steamy - if it weren't for director Bill Condon needing to keep the action PG-13. "There's a version where it was really intense," recalls Pattinson in this week's EW. "Cinematically, cut all together, it's awesome," says Kristen Stewart. "But we didn't really do that scene."

"And when we did," adds Pattinson, "they kept telling us to stop."

The PG-13 rating also limited things with regard to the climactic birth scene, which takes place at the end of the film. "That's what I'm really disappointed about - and I've talked about it with Bill," says Stewart. "It was more sympathetic or something when I played the scene with less energy, and it made it easier for him to tell the story. But in the book, Bella is screaming, 'NOOOOO!' [Stewart stands and demonstrates.] And I did it like that - crazy and Exorcist-like. I was going for this weird mix of turning into the most feral mother you can imagine and also fighting for my own life. I mean, I was a nutcase. I was an absolute nutcase."

"I do still love the birth scene," says Lautner. "I know it's frustrating that some things aren't in there."

"Yeah," says Stewart, "I still love it too."

For more on Breaking Dawn - plus Kristen Stewart talking about punching Chris Hemsworth in the face on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman - pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Nov. 18.


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Fler intervjuer från "BD"-premiären i Los Angeles - 14 nov

LA Times

Screenslam + Popstar + Hollywood Dailies + The Telegraph
M Magazine + Ten News + Celebuzz + On The Red Carpet

Säg till om ni märkt att vi råkat lägga upp någon video förut. Det är så många att det är svårt för oss att hålla reda på!

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Reklam inför "BD"-avsnittet av Ellen DeGeneres Show

Avsnittet sänds den 18 november 21:00 [svensk tid]. En video kommer upp på bloggen så fort vi bara kan efteråt.

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2 Nya Outtakes från Vogue Italia


Skrivet av: Hanna
Bild redigerad av: Hanna - Vid användning länka och ge cred till kristens.se

Tid och livestream för Londonpremiären av "Breaking Dawn - Part 1"

Röda mattan börjar livestreamas vid 18:30 (svensk tid) torsdag den 16 november.

Uppdaterat: Det är idag Londonpremiären av "Breaking Dawn" är. (onsdag den 16 november)

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Intervju med The Daily Telegraph om Chris Hemsworth

Kristen Stewart comfortable to be filming with Chris Hemsworth

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is living an Aussie fairytale on the set of her new film, Snow White and the Huntsman. The 21-year-old, whose mother is an Australian, originally from Queensland, feels very at home with co-star Chris Hemsworth.

"I feel so incredibly comfortable around him. There is a very particular Aussie mentality and he has got it. He epitomises it," Stewart told The Daily Telegraph.

"He's really smart and he's very impassioned, but he's also really funny and light and kinda loud."

"His accent is funny. I can't do it, I'm always trying to mimic him but I cannot do it!"

Snow White and the Huntsman is a Lord of the Rings-style epic reimagining of the classic fairytale, in which Stewart's Snow White is a warrior princess on a mission to take down the Evil Queen Ravena (Charlize Theron), with the help of Hemsworth's Huntsman.

It is currently shooting in England and will be released in June 2012.

"I have an English accent in the film, that's much easier for me for some reason. That Australian thing is tough," Stewart said.

Orginalbild: Bildkälla

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Bild redigerad av: Jossan - Vid användning länka och ge cred till kristens.se

Kristen pratar med TheFabLife om att spela trumpet

When we caught wind of Robert Pattinson boasting about Kristen Stewart's secret trumpet playing skills in an interview, we were baffled. Was Rob just joking around, as he's known to do? Or was he being serious in reporting that his girlfriend knows how to toot her own (literal) horn? Well, we took to Twitter before the Breaking Dawn black-carpet premiere, and you guys encouraged us to ask Kristen about the mysterious horn rumor going round the Web and so - duh, duh, duh - we did! And guess what: Kristen is indeed learning how to play the trumpet!

The actress, decked out in J. Mendel, said that she was inspired to learn the instrument after filming On the Road and hasn't put it down since. "I love it," she told us. "And I just wanted to start playing... I picked it up quickly." Kristen paused, before adding, "Rob can't do it." Ah, how we love the way this couple teases each other in interviews! Watch the entire clip above.


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Intervju från Heart Radio + bekräftelse av London-premiären

Vid 4:05 bekräftar Kristen att hon kommer att närvara på premiären av Breaking Dawn i London imorgon (med start 18:45 i Sverige).

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2 timmar och 15 minuter lång video från galapremiären av "BD - P1"

Yahoo! Movies har lagt upp hela deras video som spelades in under premiären av Breaking Dawn - Part 1 igår. 2 timmar och 15 minuter lång är videon. Kristen kommer in först vid ca 1 h, 45 min.


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Åldersgränsen för "Breaking Dawn" i Sverige har ändrats

The Twilight Saga SwedenFacebook bekräftade just att Breaking Dawn - Part 1 blir från 11 år i Sverige!

GODA NYHETER: Kammarrätten har beslutat att Breaking Dawn part 1 är tillåten från 11 år!


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Charlize Theron pratar om Kristen med Vogue

Then comes Snow White and the Huntsman, in which Theron plays Ravenna, the Evil Queen hell-bent on destroying the princess played by Kristen Stewart, the brooding Twilight comet endlessly chronicled in celebrity weeklies.

"She just turned 21," Theron says of Stewart. "She's a child. When I think about myself at 21, I had just done The Devil's Advocate, and Keanu [Reeves] had paparazzi following him and Al Pacino said this thing to me: 'If I knew that my life would be under this kind of scrutiny, I would have never become an actor.'" And I thought, Wow. I couldn't comprehend it."

"And Kristen is just living this to the max and still has a sense of humor about it. There's this really lovely quality about her that just doesn't give a fuck. A lot of people say they don't, but then they go home and cry and pop a Xanax. Kristen actually doesn't give a fuck. That's what’s so refreshing about her."

"I'm looking forward to killing her and taking her beauty," Theron says. "That’s what happens, right?"

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Dagens Kristen-bild 131111

7 september 2007 med Emile Hirsch på presskonferensen för Into The Wild under Toronto Film Festival.


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Australienska Daily Telegraph intervjuar Kristen

Kristen Stewart - Bella the devil you know

Kristen Stewart courted fame as Twilight's leading lady, so why does the star still hide behind her broody alter ego?

Talking to her today, it becomes obvious that while acting is her craft, protecting her private life has become her other full-time job. Looking pretty and much softer than some photos portray, she's dressed in skinny jeans and a T-shirt, and happy to talk about how it feels to be at the centre of the Twilight storm.

Her life changed dramatically when she won the coveted role of Bella Swan almost five years ago, and as the fourth instalment, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, hits cinemas this week, she says she's finally come to terms with her superstardom.

Often criticised for being unapproachable, or sometimes moody, when snapped by the paparazzi or on the red carpet, Stewart is sanguine about those moments, especially when she weighs them up against the amazing opportunities that have come her way as part of her speedy transition from anonymous to global phenomenon.

"Yes, I feel more comfortable at times now, but it really is about what mood you're in," she says. "If the mood strikes and if you're feeling unselfconscious that day, you can have fun with it. The trouble with the red carpet is that it's hard to fake it. So, if you're having an introspective day or not thinking clearly, it comes across. Then people think that's who you are all the time, but it's not - that's just five minutes of my life."

She admits she's had to learn to lighten up. "It's easier now that I realise people don't want me to be so serious all the time," she says. "I used to care so much about certain questions. For instance, sometimes someone will say very frivolously, 'What does the Twilight experience mean to you?' And I say, 'Do you want a quick answer or for me to tell you what I really think? Because that's going to take a while.'"

This letting go has clearly made life easier for her. "You can only be concerned about what matters to you," she says. "I approach all of this as a job. Acting is what I do, and I’m lucky to have such an awesome career, but it's a slippery slope when you start to let things affect you personally. Keeping your head down is much better."

As for Pattinson, all she'll say is what's hers is hers. "I'm selfish. I think, that's mine, and I'd like whatever is mine to remain that way. It's a funny game to play. I always tell myself I'm never going to give anything away, because there's never any point or benefit for me."

Her iconic character, Bella, is set to give herself away to Edward in Breaking Dawn, with a much-anticipated vampire wedding. There's been some criticism over the years that Bella isn't a positive role model for young girls, but Stewart loves playing the character.

"[Bella's] caught up in something that feels much bigger than her, and she's in a relationship that's by no means unequal," the Californian native explains. "Edward is so invested in their relationship, but he's weaker-minded and doesn't think they can overcome such adversity. But she has faith that it will work out, so I think she's more courageous than Edward. I understand people think her weakness might be that she's had to give up her life for him, but don't you think that's valiant?"

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Tider och livestream för galapremiären av "Breaking Dawn" i Los Angeles

I morgon [måndag 14/11] är det dags för galapremiären - den där skådespelarna går på röda mattan - i Los Angeles. Det var därför som Kristen flög tillbaka till USA i helgen. Inspelningen av Snow White är inte över än.

Premiären startar vid 8 PM EST, vilket är 02:00 natten mellan måndag och tisdag här i Sverige.

MTV (med Josh Horowitz)


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Intervju med NZ Herald

Breaking Dawn - Part 1: Blood, sweat and fears

In the wedding scene Stewart wears a Carolina Herrera wedding dress and in the birth scene... well, let's not get into too much detail. Surprisingly, the 21-year-old Stewart found the wedding and birth scenes equally beautiful.

"It's pretty gnarly, I know," Stewart, recalling the scene where Swan gives birth, says during an interview in Beverly Hills. "I find it grotesquely beautiful."
"I loved it even though there was blood everywhere."
"I have never viewed the baby as a demon, but everything that makes the scene horrifying to others, I find beautiful."
"I was really moved in a motherly way."

What? The scene, to be watched by millions of teenage girls devoted to the Twilight franchise, could be the best advertisement for reducing teenage pregnancy, but did Stewart really think it was beautiful?

"I think some experiences awaken things inside of you," Stewart explains.
"I love animals, but I'm the youngest in my family so I have never had an inclination toward babies, but instantly the idea of it being yours, it is so different."
"It is what I really loved about Bella in this. It was so simple, raw and feral. It wasn't anything complicated. It was just so human and I really loved that."

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Landar i Los Angeles - 11 nov


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OK! Magazine Mexico intervjuar Kristen om "Breaking Dawn"

She's a mother taking care of her baby...
- Yes, and there's no bigger feeling than being a mother. She's never experienced that. She's the strongest opposite of the relationship, considering he's left everything and quit before. So she realizes the risks in being with him forever and what she has to do with the love of her life, and Edward doesn't think they will make it, he doesn't have faith. I've always said she has a divine intuition, she knows it's going to work and she's willing to risk it. There's people who say she's not a good example, but I think she is.

Is the decision to give birth an argument pro-choice or pro-life?
- We talked about this during rehearsals, because we knew people would relate the story to that and we hope the audience doesn't focus on that aspect too much, because we didn't. Bella has no religion, she believes in fighting for what she considers precious and what gives her hope. It would be interesting to see how Stephenie deals with these questions.

The birth scene is hard to watch, will it be difficult for the audience to see their heroine go through this?
- It's horrifying, it's the end, and you're telling a story where the main message is "I would die for you," so you have to be as close to death as possible to send that message. It's a cool way to end the saga.

The sex scenes were not described in the book, how did you handle them?
- It didn't feel like we were filming a Twilight movie, but since we didn't have a description from the books, we still made a scene that respected the escence of Bella and Edward.

Jodie Foster was surprised that you chose this role and put yourself in the spotlight...
- Nobody though that this would happen, especially those who knew me before Twilight. In the beginning I acted like such a freak during press things that people were sure that I was a freak.

Have you talked to Jodie recently?
- Yes, she's an amazing person, and I was so lucky that my first major role was playing her daughter, because when you're that young your brain is like a sponge, and I learned how to behave and treat my co-workers.

How's a normal day in your life?
' I like reading, going out for walks, boring things.

Can you go on walks without your bodyguards?
Yes, I'm always careful where to go. I used to be very lonely and say things like "I can't deal with anywthing right now, I don't want to see anybody". Just the idea of going to 7-11 and having people staring at me makes me feel like they're absorbing me. But little by little, I learned to handle it better. I didn't know how to do it before, I used to cover my face.

Fortsätt läsa.


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MTV Rough Cut med Kristen

Tyvärr går det inte att se videorna på MTV från Sverige, och de tas bort efter några minuter på YouTube, men vill ni se videorna kan ni ladda ner dem genom att klicka på bilden nedan.


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Manusförfattaren för "SWATH", Evan Daugherty, pratar om Kristen

Collider har intervjuat Evan Daugherty som skrivit manuset till Snow White and the Huntsman. Nedan är delarna där han nämner Kristen, men hela intervjun är väldigt läsvärd då han bland annat pratar om hur länge han jobbat på filmen, när och hur han kom på idén och vad han tänker om Mirror, Mirror (den andra Snövit-filmen).

I think the teaser did a pretty decent job of showing that it was a different take on the story, for sure. When you were writing, did you have anyone in mind for the part of Snow White? If you were writing or back in 2003, surely you weren't thinking of Kristen Stewart for the role back then, right?
- Not really. That was more in the era of Keira Knightley, but funnily enough, and I think I was telling this to Kristen, but... I wrote Snow White shortly after Panic Room came out. And when we were just hanging around the dorms with my buddies talking about the movie, I think I did say that Kristen Stewart would be good for the role. Obviously, she'd need to be a little older, but it would take a few years to get the movie made. I mean, that was her first big thing - Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room.

I always forget she was in that.
- Well, y'know, she's really young, and she's got super-short hair. But it's a great movie, and she had to carry quite a bit of... y'know, there's only, like, four people in that movie. That's a pretty big acting load for that age.

Now, Kristen Stewart's a wildly popular actress amongst the Twilight set, and Snow White's a popular story with children. But for every two Twilight fans, there's probably one Twilight... uh... non-fan. How are you planning to convince all the Twilight haters and non-fairy-tale fans that they need to come out to theaters to see another Snow White? Do you anticipate any difficult getting adult males into theaters for this?
- Well, that's a very good and salient point you make. Because it is based on a fairy tale, and it does have a female lead. But one of the great things about this sort of project - and one of the reasons I think they wanted to make it - was that this movie isn't just about Snow White. It's called Snow White and The Huntsman, because you've got Kristen Stewart being mentored by Chris Hemsworth, who's sort of doing his badass Thor thing. But instead of hammers, he's got axes. So, I think the teaser kind of speaks for itself. I think it's kind of a tough, muscular, gritty... and, by the way, I've visited the set, and I can tell you that this is a pretty badass Kristen Stewart that you haven't seen before. So, hopefully, I'd say look at that teaser. Up until now, when I've told my peers - guys in their 20's and 30's - that I was working on a Snow White action movie, they were kind of like, "OK, yeah, well, good luck with that". But after the teaser was up, I posted that to my Facebook or whatever, and they were like - hopefully honestly - "wow, this actually looks pretty cool".

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Billy Burke om Kristen

"She's such a genuine human being"

So tell us something cool about Kristen Stewart that most people wouldn’t know about her.

Billy Burke: Um, I'm not sure that there are things that people know about her. There's a lot of conjecture and things people would love to believe because that’s what people do. That's the weird, strange thing about this business. People look at people on a movie screen or in an interview and they develop ideas and opinions that probably most of the time are not anywhere near true. So I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that she’s probably way more misunderstood then people would imagine. And she's such a genuine human being, and seems to be very true to herself. I really admire that about her."

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Dagens Kristen-bild 111111

Hos Jay Leno den 3 november 2011.


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Gästar Jimmy Kimmel - 10 nov

Avsnittet spelades in den 3 november, men sändes igår (10/11).

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Teaser trailer för "Snow White and the Huntsman"

Vi brukar inte skriva så mycket personligt här på KristenS, men den här trailern var helt otrolig, eller vad tycker ni?! Jag fick gåshud över hela kroppen. Vem längtar till 1 juni?

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Dagens Kristen-bild 101111

Photoshoot för Interview 2006.


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ET "Snow White" sneak peek

Hela videon kommer att sändas i morgon, och så fort det finns online lägger vi upp det på bloggen.

Visst ser det sjukt bra ut?!

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Colleen Atwood om att samarbeta med Kristen i "SWATH"

Kostymdesignern Colleen Atwood som designat kläder till Snow White and the Huntsman har pratat med MTV Hollywoodcrush om hur det är att klä Kristen till filmen.

Snow White and the Huntsmans kystymdesigner: Kristen Stewart har varit "toppen att samarbeta med"

Varje spegel på väggen där har det kliat i fingrarna på för att få en titt på "Snow White and the Huntamsn"-stjärnan Kristen Stewart smyckad i sin medeltida mantel, och tack vare några paparazzibilder och en nyligen släppt promobanner, har vi fått glimtar av stjärnan i olika skepnader. Men vi ville veta mer om hennes kostymering i filmen som kommer ut 2012, så vi ringde upp Oscarvinnande kostymdesignern Colleen Atwood, som förklarade stjärnans förvanligt från "Twilight"-tonåring till sagojätte.

För att vara säker, Kristen är ingen vek prinsessa i den här berättelsen - och hennes kläder reflekterar det. "Hon spelar inte en riktigt fluffig typ av prinsessa eller sådär, men jag tror att hon har riktigt kul när hon får ha på sig den här typen av kostymer och hon ser underbar ut i den," berättade Colleen om de tidstypiska kläderna. "Jag tror att det är mer jobb för skådespelaren att sätta på sig sådant eftersom det är utanför bekvämlighetszonen som består av jeans och sneakers. Men det tar dig till en helt annan plats både psykiskt och fysiskt. Hon har varit toppen att samarbeta med."

Och samtidigt som Kristens karaktär förvandlas till en skarpare version av sig själv, sker samma sak med hennes garderob. "Hennes kostym utvecklas under tiden som storyn fortlöper," fortsatte Colleen. "Hon springer iväg från en situation, and hon är på flykt under en lång tid, så under tiden som hon förflyttar sig rivs bitar bort och det blir till slut något helt annat längre in i filmen. Hon har ett par scener som är mer "dräkt-iga", men hennes standarskostym - jag tycker hon bär upp den bra, och jag tycker det verkligen funkar i berättelsen."

När det gäller rustningen vi sett i så många bilder, det är inte riktig metall, men det betyder inte att det inte har en viss vikt. "Den är inte bekväm på något sätt. Den väger troligen runt 15 pounds [ca 6,8 kg]. Det är halva hennes vikt," skojade Colleen.


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Ny still från "Breaking Dawn"-bröllopet

Den här bilden har tidigare släppts men i jättedålig kvalitet, men här är den i bättre kvalitet från den amerikanska versionen av People Magazine.


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Intervju från Adelaide Now: "Kristen to shine after Twilight"

Kristen to shine after Twilight

The infamously stroppy Kristen Stewart is no more as the young star discovers there is life after Twilight, Stevie Wong and Neala Johnson report. That famed sourpuss expression? It's gone. Today's Kristen Stewart - 21 and soon to leave behind the Twilight franchise that changed her life - seems less inhibited, more open. She has a glow, if you will, where previously there was a pout.

So what's going on?

"Honestly, it's not that I'm more willing to share, it's just that I'm more able to," Stewart says. "I wasn't really able to express myself. I've just gotten a little bit more comfortable. You learn by experience, that's all. It's a really simple answer."

Thankfully, this does not mean the young actor is apologetic... or any less rambling... or any less forthright when she does get to the point.

"I was scared," she explains of her demeanour with the media. "I didn't want to seem like so many people that I'd seen that just... bleugh... I was too preoccupied with how I didn't wanna seem, so I wasn't necessarily always myself."

So who is Stewart nowadays, after bringing in $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office and on the eve of the release of the second-last Twilight film, Breaking Dawn - Part 1?

After starting acting before she even hit double figures, she is an unlikely veteran and an unconventional new Hollywood power player. Yet she still prefers to trade under the blue-collar "working actor" label.

"It's how you approach it while you're actually working, what you think your job is," she explains. "I know everyone says, 'Well, all the press stuff is half the job, you can't discredit this side of it'. It's like, no, absolutely not. But this... " - she gestures into the air, indicating everything from promotional duties to trappings of celebrity - "Doesn't. Matter. To. Me. At. All.

"Like, genuinely, I could do it [acting] myself in the dark... as long as I was working with the same people that I'm working with now," she laughs.

Stewart's "now" is Snow White and the Huntsman, a Lord of the Rings-style epic shooting in the UK in which she plays a warrior Snow White to Aussie Chris Hemsworth's hunky Huntsman. When she met Hit earlier this week, she was sporting a bandage on her wrist - a torn ligament the result of some over-exuberance on set.

"I hurt myself doing a fight scene with some dwarfs."

That's not something you get to say every day.

"I know! It is a high-contact sport, this movie. It's full-on every day. I bruised the top of my foot just running. This ligament pull was really bad. Every day I come back I have bruises literally from here to here."

"But it's only because I go crazy, I lose my mind as soon as we start."

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Ny officiell bild från "Snow White" + info om teaser trailer i morgon

Den officiella Facebooksidan för SWATH har delat med sig av en ny promobanner från filmen, och skriver att en teaser trailer kommer att släppas i veckan. Från andra källor vet vi att det är i morgon som trailern kommer ut.

Tänk på att det endast är en teaser och eftersom det inte är så mycket inspelat material än kan det bara vara ett 30 sekunder långt klipp eller liknande. Men det är ändå riktigt spännande!

First look! Check out the new banner art for Snow White and the Huntsman... and look for the teaser trailer debuting later this week! Like this post and share if you're excited to see the trailer.

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Ny bild på Kristen med Jack Kerouac's släktingar

Bilden ovan är med i boken One and Only: The Untold Story of On the Road, berättar historien från Lu Anne Hendersons perspektiv. Lu Anne är personen som karaktären Mary Lou baserats på, och som vi vet är det Kristens roll i filmen. Med på bilden är Marie Lussier-Timperley och J.A. Michael Bornais, två av Jack Kerouacs släktingar.

Beloved by both Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, Lu Anne Henderson's story has never been told.

Lu Anne was a beautiful 15-year-old girl in Denver in 1945 when she met Neal, a fast-talking hurricane of male sexuality and vast promises. The two married, and soon they were hanging out with a group of would-be writers, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. But Neal and Jack initially didn't like each other very much. Lu Anne taught them how to love each other - in effect, making the Beat Generation possible, as well as giving Kerouac material for one of the seminal novels of the 20th century, On the Road. One and Only traces the immense struggles of Lu Anne's own life, which ranged from the split-up of her family to the ravages of abusive men, lingering illness, and the grief of losing the two most important men in her life.

Lu Anne Henderson did not live to see the filming of On the Road by Walter Salles, but One and Only tells how Twilight's Kristen Stewart, through her work with both Nicosia and Anne Marie Santos (Lu Anne's daughter), came to find the key to playing Lu Anne in the film.

"The pic is of Kristen with some of Jack Kerouac's relatives in Montreal. It is in the book One and Only. It's the story of Lu Anne's life."

"The people in the photo are Marie Lussier-Timperley and J.A. Michael Bornais."

"Skimming through the Lu Anne biography they talk about how Kristen had just found out that Lu Anne had continued to see Neal in later years. And Kristen couldn't grasp how she could still love him after he had cheated on her. And then they talk about the thought process that is that she went through to understand Lu Anne."

Boken går att beställa på Amazon.

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Bilder och intervju från Extra TV

Kristen Stewart says Bella and Edward stay married longer than 72 days

It doesn't look like "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" star Kristen Stewart is keeping up with the Kardashians.

"Extra" correspondent Terri Seymour joked that she hoped the marriage between Edward and Bella lasts longer than 72 days. "We're definitely married longer than 72 days," Stewart said, but then paused, "Wait, can you just remind me what is the 72 days thing?"

When the actress was told it's the length of time Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married, Stewart laughed, "Have I just been a huge a**hole?"

The wedding between the sexy vampire and his blushing human bride is pretty spectacular in "Breaking Dawn, Part 1" - so much so that Stewart admitted to being very emotional during the scene. "I never expected this to feel this way, do you know what I mean? Yeah, definitely different to any other emotion or anxiety that I've had."

Does Stewart fear she may not top that wedding in real life? "I'm not too worried about it to be honest. It's fine," she replied.

As for her hand injury, the "Twilight" beauty told Seymour it happened on the set of her new movie, "Snow White and the Huntsman". Kristen explained, "I was getting attacked by the dwarves - and I ended up punching myself."


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Gästar Conan O'Brien 17 november

Den 17 november kommer Kristen att gästa hos Conan O'Brien, vilket sänds på den amerikanska kanalen TBS. Video kommer upp här på bloggen så fort som möjligt efteråt.


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Nytt "Breaking Dawn"-klipp - "Something old, something blue"

Tack till Madeleine som tipsade om klippet!

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Rob och Kristens intervju med CNN

"Jag är nästan säker på att vi är gifta"

När Robert Pattinson berättar att han och hans medskådespelerska Kristen Stewart nästan är gifta efter att gift sig i en scen i Breaking Dawn, är Stewart själv mer tystlåten.

"Jag är nästan säker… Det var en riktig präst som gjorde det och han hade, typ, jag vet inte, han hade rätt kort närminne, något fel eller något och glömde karaktärernas namn gång på gång." sa Pattinson, 25, till CNN i fredags. "[Han] blandade ihop dem med våra riktiga namn och jag typ sa, som ett skämt, att vi är förmodligen gifta. Jag vet inte hur det går till när man gifter sig på riktigt, men jag bara antar att det kan vara sant i den riktiga världen."

Sant eller inte, Stewart, 21, pratar inte om bröllopet - hon vill inte ens prata om förhållandet det ryktas om att hon har med Pattinson.

"Det är roligt, jag kan inte bevara hemligheter," förklarade hon för CNN om varför hon är så tystlåten om sitt off-screen förhållande med Rob. "Seriöst, jag är den västa avslöjaren - jag berättar alltid. Du vill bara prata med människor som du känner och verkligen bryr dig om, om sådant där."
Och sedan tilläger hon: "Det finns den känsla där du säljer något och även om det inte är sant, för vilken konstig anledning som finns i mitt huvud, är det så jag tolkar det. Jag vill inte ge någonting till det."

Någonting Stewart är öppen för är att slå hennes Snow White and the Huntsman medskådspelare Chris Hemsworth i ansiktet. Ja, du läste rätt.
K-Strew spelar mot Hemsworth i den nervösa återberättningen av Snövit (som inte är den enda Snövit filmen som spelas in just nu), och hon avslöjade under ett framträdande hos Tonight Snow i torsdags att hon nog har tagit sin roll lite för långt.

Hon säger att hon gav Hemsworth en knytnävesmacka på inspelningar - av misstag.
"Det hördes ett sådant ljud," skröt hon till Jay Leno, medan hon slog näven i handflatan. "Tjejer, om du någonsin undrat om det fungerar - det fungerar!" sa hon. "Jag menar, smällen gjorde bokstavligen så att han snurrade runt."
"Jag menade att missa honom så här mycket," förklarar skådespelerskan när hon beskriver slaget.
"Jag knockade honom, rätt ut ur hans närbild."
"Jag kunde höra kamera killarna säga, 'whoa'," berättade hon, innan hon sa att hon inte var särskilt stolt över att ha slagit hennes medspelare.
"Inte stolt?" skojade Leno. "Du skröt just om det!"

Fysisk kraft är inte ute för Stewarts karaktär, eftersom hon är en rustningsklädd krigare med svärd.

Snow White and the Huntsman har premiär 1 juni, 2012.


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Kristen anländer till Los Angeles flygplats - 7 nov

Och så har Kristen (troligen) återvänt till London för att fortsätta spela in Snow White. I morse syntes hon till på Los Angeles flygplats.


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Fyra intervjuer från "Breaking Dawn"-promon

Uppdaterat: Vi hade lagt ut första intervjun tidigare, så tog bort den från det här inlägget.

The Today Show (Australien)

One News + Sunrise + Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood

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Dagens Kristen-bild 061111

Premiären av Into The WildToronto Film Festival den 9 september 2007.


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Giovanni Agnelli twittrar om Kristen

Giovanni Agnelli som var producent i Welcome to the Rileys träffade Kristen igår och twittrade lite om det efteråt. Han skrev bland annat att att han hade tagit med ett par skor till Kristen som hon hade på sig i filmen för att hon skulle signera dem, men hon blev så glad och behöll dem istället!

I brought the yellow shoes from WTTR to Kristen to sign, but she was so happy when she saw them, she kept them! Ha! So cute...

As always, Kristen is beyond AMAZING and is signing some items for charity. These things will benefit various children and teen charities.

When did you see Kristen?
Today, and she looked STUNNING!!


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10 news Australia, TalkingPictures & HitFix's intervjuer med Kristen

10 News Australia


HitFix (uppdaterad med YouTube-version)

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Livestream till Twilight Convention med Kristen, Bill, Rob & Taylor

Vid 00:30 [svensk tid] kommer Kristen, Bill Condon, Rob och Taylor befinna sig i panelen på Official Twilight Convention i Los Angeles. Man kommer att kunna se det livestreamat genom att klicka på bilden nedan (alltså inte på TV).

Cambio and our friends at Moviefone proudly present the exclusive live stream of the most anticipated Q&A panel from the Official Twilight Convention taking place in Los Angeles, CA this Saturday, November 5th at 7:30PM EST / 4:30 PM PST.

Jag (Jossan) kommer inte att stanna uppe, så om inte Hanna eller Olivia lägger upp videor och bilder efteråt så kommer det i morgon.


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Lämnar inspelningen av "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - 3 nov

Se en video här.

Avsnittet som hon spelade in kommer att sändas den 10 november.


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Intervju med Access Hollywood

Del 1
Kristen pratar om hur hon skadade sin hand och om att slå Chris Hemsworth i ansiktet.

Del 2
Pratar om känslomässiga scener och bröllopet i Breaking Dawn.

Del 3
Hur det kändes att blir förevigad på Grauman's.

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Hela intervjun från "BD"-inspelningen

Tidigare har man fått se små delar av intervjun här och där, men i videon nedan kan man se hela intervjun i ett.

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Kristen på "The Tonight Show med Jay Leno"

Se del 1 och del 2 på YouTube (går inte att bädda in).


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Livestreams till MTV First

Startar klockan 00:56

Update: Videon kommer upp under morgondagen (det finns inte online ännu), och även videon från Jay Leno (finns inte heller online).

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Hela ceremonin på Hollywood Boulevard

För er som missade när Kristen, Rob och Taylor skrev sina namn och gjorde hand- och fortavtryck i cement på Chinese Theatre på Hollywood Boulevard tidigare idag, så kan ni se hela ceremonin nedan.

Ps. Ni som har planerat att stanna uppe och se MTV First i natt, jag är tyvärr inte säker på om programmet börjar 00:56 eller 01:56. Samma tidszon ger två olika förslag på den hemsida jag brukar kolla upp på. Men tidigare erfarenheter säger att det borde vara 01:56.

Uppdaterat: MTV First startar 00:56.

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Dagens Kristen-bild 031111

NY Times photoshoot 2009.


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Livestreams till handavtrycks-ceremonin på Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Kristen, Rob och Taylor kommer idag att föreviga sina handavtryck på Grauman's Chinese Theatre i Los Angeles. Nedan hittar ni några livestreamlänkar. Vi kommer självklart att lägga upp bilder efteråt också.

Livestream start: 18:00
Ceremonin: 18:30

Chinese Theatres
Chinese Theatres Facebook
Ustream Twilight Handprints [ovan]


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10-sekunders sneak peek på klipp från "BD" & "MTV First"

Här är 10-sekunders förhandtitten som vi skrev om igår. Hela klippet kommer att visas på MTV First i natt.


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Intervju med norska tidningen Julia

Exclusive! Julia meets Kristen Stewart
Finally! The Breaking Dawn premiere is just a few days away. Julia make sure to grab a coffee with Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart looks shocked on the cup filled with steaming, hot coffee.
- Who put this here? Is it for me? Did someone put poison in my coffee?!

She then laugh and says:
- I'm just kidding.

Kristen takes a sip from her coffee with a big smile on her mouth. She's dressed up with jeans, a saggy t-shirt with V-neck and wide arms. On her legs, she is wearing light-blue sneakers. Her hair is dark-brown and she's almost with no makeup on. Her nail polish is dark blue. Last time Julia met Kristen, she was very shy. Today, she's more talkative and very funny.

How have you changed as a person since the first Twilight-movie?
- I was only 17 when I started the first movie. Now I'm 21 and have now become a grown up. I think, at least. I'll never be entire grown up, ha-ha! But I'm not as unsure and shy like when I was younger.

Can it be seen that you've more grown up now, by the movie-roles you choose?
- Yes, except from Twilight, I've played in some movies that are not for children. It's always different reasons for why I choose a movie to be in, It could be a well-written manuscript, a good director or an interesting story that wakes attention and that make me feel like I have to be in exactly that movie.

Is it strange that the series are going to an ending?
- Yes, it's strange. Usually it doesn't feel like you are ending a chapter in your life when you are finishing a movie, 'Ok, it's over now, goodbye all friends, I'm now moving on to a new project'. But the Twilight-movies are different. They?ve been a huge part of my life in such a long time that it will feel like a part of me is gone forever.

At least you have the movies left as memories.
- Exactly. It's good memories. I?ve met all my best friends through the last years, so the movies have given me beautiful memories for the rest of my life.

Do you love your job?
- Yes, I really do! I love to be an actress and I'm so happy and grateful that I get to work with this.

Fortsätt läsa här.


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Ny still på Bella, Alice och Rosalie i "Breaking Dawn"

I morgon är det dags för MTV First, och HollywoodCrush har delat med sig av en stillbild från ett klipp som kommer att visas under programmet. Innan själva programmet kommer vi även att få en 10-sekunders förhandstitt på klippet, som vi självklart lägger ut här på bloggen så fort vi kan.

Breaking Dawn sneak peek: Bella's a bride-to-be!

Tomorrow's the big day! In just over 24 hours, we'll be sitting down with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner for our MTV First: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and as you probably know, a portion of our festivities will be dedicated to debuting a never-before-seen clip from the saga's fourth installment. And because you've been such patient pals waiting for this exclusive scene, we're giving you a quick peek! (Shhhhh! Don't tell our bosses...)

This still is straight from the brand new footage, and as you can likely surmise, captures the moments right before Bella and Edward's long-awaited nuptials. Alice (Ashley Greene) and Rosalie (Nikki Reed) are visions in purple as they help Bella (Kristen) get ready to walk down the aisle to her vampire groom. But the question remains: Just who are they looking at? I guess you'll have to tune in to find out!

And you better believe this isn't the last tease you'll get before the clip debuts during our MTV First. Check in with MTV Movies tomorrow morning at 7 ET for an entire 10-second snippet of the scene. That's major.

Be sure to tune in to "MTV First: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," which kicks off Thursday, November 3, on MTV at 7:56 p.m, followed by a Q&A with Kristen, Rob and Taylor on MTV.com!

Den svenska tiden för programmet är 00:56 natten mellan torsdag och fredag (på MTV och Ustream).


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Intervju från BoxOffice

Kristen Stewart on love, marriage, pregnancy

It's the beginning of the end for Bella Swan, but for the actress who plays her, it's the end of the first major milestone in her career. Just 21, Kristen Stewart has spent the last three years of her life being one of the most famous faces in the world. The Twilight Saga can't be avoided - it's released a film a year since 2008 and made tabloid staples (for better or worse) out of stars Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. For a young actress whose first love is the craft, not the celebrity, it's been intense. But as Kristen Stewart tells Boxoffice, she's so fused with the role of Bella Swan, she's invented whole pages of Bella's history that she swore were in the original books - until she looked it up and realized she'd just imagined those memories. So since she knows Bella better than anybody - maybe even better than Stephenie Meyer - we ask if she really thinks Bella is ready for marriage? And after so many years on the set, what was it like waking up knowing she'd never play Bella again?

What's it like working on a film where people are so fascinated by the tiny details? However you and your hair designer decide to style your hair for the wedding, thousands of girls are going to copy it for their own wedding or prom.
- It's funny. It's something you have to put out of your mind while you're working, or else it's incredibly heavy, it weighs you down. You want to do something that is clear to you. But at the same time, it makes it exciting, like, "I hope they like it!" I'm also on their level: I'm just as worried about how the hair is going to look. It's just not normal for other people to be as concerned about something that you're concerned about on the movie. Usually, people don't know, people don't care. It's unique, really unique in that way. I've never experienced that on another project.

Knowing that other people take your role as seriously as you do—it's kind of a great confluence of actor and audience.
- Yeah. It really is pretty amazing, and it's so different. I've had a taste of it in a couple movies, but this case was the most extreme. Playing real people, you get a similar experience. With Joan Jett [in The Runaways] and then and then On the Road, where I play this woman who's absolutely f--king incredible, LuAnne Henderson [who inspired the character of Marylou in the novel and film]. That was so important on a level that had nothing to do with me. So it's a similar experience. Usually, I own these parts—they're mine and the director's and the writer's. But this has relevance on another level in the real world.

Fortsätt läsa här.


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Kristens promotionschema för "Breaking Dawn"

Det är nog ingen som missat att Breaking Dawn - Part 1 kommer ut om bara två veckor. Eftersom Kristen håller på att spela in Snow White and the Huntsman har hon inte varit på någon promotionturné i år. Men det betyder inte att vi inte kommer att få se henne något alls nu när premiären närmar sig.

Nedan är Kristens promotionschema för Breaking Dawn.

2 november
▪ INSPELNING: Jimmy Kimmel Live (sänds 10 nov)

3 november
▪ "Handprint Ceremony" på Chinese Theatres i Los Angeles - Kristen, Rob & Taylor
▪ The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
▪ MTV First: Breaking Dawn Special - Kristen, Rob & Taylor

4 november
▪ Los Angeles TwiCon

10 november
▪ Jimmy Kimmel Live (tidigare inspelat)

14 november
▪ Världspremiär av Breaking Dawn i Los Angeles
▪ INSPELNING: The Ellen Show - Kristen, Rob, Taylor & BD-cast

18 november
▪ The Ellen Show (tidigare inspelat)

Källa 1
Källa 2
Orginalbild: Bildkälla

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Vanity Fair Italy - Intervju med Kristen & Rob

- First Question: and you, what do you think about weddings?
Rob: I don't know. Until now, I've been at around twenty funerals and just two weddings, certainly for what I saw they’re more fun than the funerals.

- But, didn't you got emotional after the ring exchange?
Rob: The truth? I think that the major part of the men who get married, live the same kind of experience: you stay there, waiting... the wedding day is a woman's thing, it's their day. It was different for Kristen: the dress, walking to the altar, the music. I got away with an "you are very pretty, let's get married!"
Kristen: I have to admit it, I felt like a real bride: at the center of the attention, in a wonderful dress... for that scene everybody had to leave their phones before entering: the dress had to be kept a secret.

- In the movie there's also a sex scene, it was hard to film it?
Kristen: To be honest it was funny to shoot, when there's confidence with someone everything comes naturally.
Rob: It was more embarrassing to take off my shirt near Taylor, have you seen his abdominals?! I felt like a loser.

- There's everything in this movie: sex, wedding, the honeymoon...
Kristen: Yes, in Brazil. But since that we (of Twilight) are pro in programming stuffs, we went there during the rainy season. It was fun tho.
Rob: Yeah, the honeymoon was really fun even if it was always raining.

- And then you have a kid.
Rob: I'm not the one who gives birth.
Kristen: The baby bump was huge, unusually lightweight

- How did you felt being pregnant?
Kristen: Do I have to be honest? not particularly sexy.

Fortsätt läsa här.


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Bilder från London i helgen - 31/10

Rob sågs också till på samma plats, se bilder här.


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Dagens Kristen-bild 111101

Still från filmen The Runaways.


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Franska Glamour - December

Bilderna har vi sett innan, men inte i denna layout.


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